How to install Ezeep


If you don't have an Ezeep account, you can sign up using the following link.

Creating an Ezeep Account
                                                               Setting up your Ezeep account

Once you are an Ezeep user, follow these steps on your Nexudus Spaces account:

Products: You must set up two products on your Nexudus Spaces account, one for black and white copies and another for colour copies. 

Printing credit extra service: You will also need to set up a printing credit that later you will need to map to the Ezeep Integration in Settings-> Integrations-> Ezeep. We will explain later how to set up the Printing credit. 

Ezeep app: Go to the Apps section via your Nexudus Spaces dashboard and link your Nexudus Spaces account with your Ezeep account.

Below, we'll explain each of the steps you need to take:

Adding print products

In this section we will show you how to add printing products, which you will then link to your Ezeep account:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products and click Add Product.

  2. Add a name, description and the product's price.

  3. Set Display this product on website as YES.

  4. Optional: Fill in the Availability and Category sections.

  5. Check the list to make sure that the product was added correctly.

  Important: You can first add black and white printing products and then repeat the process for the color ones.


Add a printing product 

  The price per page needs to be defined in Nexudus, later on we will see how to set up the price in Ezeep

Adding Printing credit

  1. Go to Inventory > Resource types and click Add resource type

  2. Add a name to the resource type and click Save

  3. Go to Inventory > Printing Credit Types and click Add Printing credit type   

  4.  Add a name and the Resource type created earlier to the printing credit and click Save

  5. Check the list to make sure that the Credit was added correctly. 

Once the B&W, colour products and the credit are created you will need to map them to the Ezeep integration. You can do this from the Settings> Integrations> Ezeep 


Map the products and the credit 

Installing the Ezeep app

To link your Ezeep and Nexudus Spaces accounts, go to ezeep.spaces.nexudus.com. If you're not already logged in to your Nexudus Spaces account, you'll be required to do so. Follow the steps to integrate the app. Go to the left side menu on the main dashboard screen and click on the Ezeep app shortcut. You'll be redirected to a URL where you'll have to enter your Ezeep account user details.

Login into link Ezeep and Nexudus

If you're not already logged in to your Nexudus Spaces account, you'll be required to do so. Follow the steps below to integrate the app. Go to the left side menu on the main dashboard screen and click on the Ezeep app shortcut. You'll be redirected to a URL where you'll have to enter your Ezeep account user details.

  • The app will then ask you to select the users that you want to invite to print.

You can select customers you wish to sync
  • You can skip this step and do it later.

Click here and skip this step for now


Setting up your Ezeep account

You will need to adjust settings on your Ezeep account to complete the integration between the two platforms. When you link Nexudus Spaces with Ezeep through our app, you'll see a screen where you can invite users to use Ezeep.

Then, go to your Ezeep account dashboard via the link https://portal.ezeep.com and enter your username/email address and password.

Signing in to Ezeep


There are settings that you need to configure via the Ezeep dashboard. When you link your Ezeep account to Nexudus Spaces and invite space users to use this service, a Group called "Nexudus" will be created by default. It will include the users that you've invited. You can access and view this Group in your Ezeep account via the side menu: Users&Groups > Groups > Nexudus.

You can delete a group by clicking the "recycle bin" icon, which appears when you pause your pointer over it.

Adding a user to a group

If you want to add a user to Ezeep, go to Groups & Users and click Add People.

How to add users on Ezeep
On the next screen, enter the email addresses of the users that you want to add, separating them with commas ",".
Adding new users on Ezeep

You can see that the user was added to the general list. If you want to link the user to a group, click the No groups field and select the group from the drop-down menu.

User policies

Ezeep has Policies that allow you to set the conditions for the print jobs that are sent through the platform. In this section, we're only going to explain how to set up Ezeep so that the integration works with your Nexudus Spaces account. If you would like more information about Ezeep, you can visit the Ezeep support section, here https://www.ezeep.com/support/.

Most users create two Policies on the Ezeep account for the Nexudus Spaces integration: one for black and white printing and another for colour printing, as shown in the following image:

Creating a policy on Ezeep

In this example we will create two Policies; one for colour prints and another for black and white prints. We're going to call them Nexudus(Color) and Nexudus(b/n).

Go to Policies > Create your first policy.

Creating a policy on Ezeep

Then, on the next screen, fill in the Name field and select the group you want to add it to.

Setting the group for a policy

In the Settings (1) tab, select Full Color (2), and set the prices. Users will Pay per page (3) but you need to leave the price as 0.00 because we have already set it in the Products section on your Nexudus Spaces account.

Ezeep policy settings 
  Important: Make sure that the price per page is set as 0.00 so that it works correctly.
Ezeep colour policy settings

Choose the printer you want to apply to these Policies in the Printer tab. To complete the setup process, close the screen by clicking the cross icon at the top right of the screen.

You can see that the Nexudus(colour) Policy now appears in the menu.

Repeat the process to create the Nexudus(b/n) policy. Follow the same steps, entering Nexudus(b/n) in the Name field and choosing Black&White for the colour Setting. The remaining settings are exactly the same as the other policy

To recap, we've explained how to add Users and link them to a Group and also create Policies. Once you've configured these settings, the integration process is complete and you can use Ezeep on Nexudus Spaces.

Printing via Ezeep

We're now going to explain how coworkers can print via Ezeep and what would happen on your Nexudus Spaces account.

Coworkers can print from their Ezeep dashboard via the Print Now tab, by clicking and searching for the document.

It will take a few seconds for the file to upload to the server.

Then, the coworker can select the printer and printing options he or she wants to use. The process is completed when they click Print.

A confirmation message will then appear on the screen.

If you go to the member's account via the Nexudus Spaces dashboard, you can see that the print job sent via Ezeep has been added to the Products tab.

This product will be added to the next invoice that is created for the member. 


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