Learn how to configure the Access Control System Salto / Clay

What is SALTO Keys as a Service?

SALTO KS is an access control system that lets space members enter your coworking space using their smartphone or the access card.

How can the integration between SALTO KS and Nexudus Spaces help your space?

Below are some of the processes that you can automate when you integrate SALTO KS with your Nexudus Spaces account:

  • Flexible opening times: You're bound to have different plans that allow members to access the space at different times of the day. By integrating both systems you can synchronise the access conditions that each of the plans have in Nexudus Spaces with the SALTO KS user accounts.

  • Reports: When you integrate door access control in your space, you'll have a much better idea of who is coming and going and when.

  • Resources: You can link your SALTO KS account with the Resources that you've configured on your Nexudus Spaces account. This means you can generate access keys for the Resources from SALTO KS when a booking is made via Nexudus Spaces.

Integrating Nexudus Spaces with SALTO KS

First, you'll need to open an account on both platforms. If you already have a Nexudus Spaces account and you're interested in integrating SALTO KS in your coworking space, you can contact SALTO KS. The SALTO KS team will tell you about the steps you need to take to install the system and enable your account. You can also sign up directly on the SALTO KS website.

Access to the coworking space is managed by Passes on Nexudus Spaces. These are the elements that you need to link on your SALTO KS account to grant the access rights that you want depending on the coworkers in your space. On SALTO KS, you can use different Groups to manage different types of Passes or Resources that you've configured on your Nexudus Spaces account and link them later.

Your Nexudus Spaces account has some Passes configured by default, such as 24 Hours Pass, Day Pass (8HRS) and Evening Pass, which can be sold to coworkers separately or via a Product or Plan. If you want to link these elements, you have to create three groups in your SALTO KS account: Members with 24 hours access, Members with day access and Members with evening access. Then, when a member accesses the coworking space using SALTO KS, it will check that they have a valid Pass that grants them access.

Once you've got an active account for both platforms, you'll need to configure some settings on each of the accounts. Below, we'll look at the necessary elements for each of them:

Setting up your SALTO KS account

On your SALTO KS account, you'll have to set up the Groups, which set the access rights for a certain group of users. Once added, you can link them to the Passes or Resources that are set up on your Nexudus Spaces account.

Creating a Group/s on your SALTO KS account

  • Groups: On your SALTO KS account, you can set up as many groups as you need to integrate with Nexudus Spaces, indicating the access rights that you want to grant the coworkers linked to each group. If you want to add a group in SALTO KS, you must complete the steps below. Remember, you will need a group for each type or level of access. Normally, you will need a group configured for each of your private offices/rooms, for each of the meeting rooms you rent as well as a general group for those members with access only to the common areas. You will later link each office in your floor plans, each meeting room and each pass to one of these groups

  1. Log in to your SALTO KS account at

  2. Click the Access tab.

Select Access 

3. Click Add Access Group.

Add new access group

In this example we will call this group "General Access" and will add the "Main Entrance" door to it. You will need to select one user at least to be able to save the group.

Add the doors to the access group

You should repeat this process and add as many groups as needed. Normally, you will need a group configured for each of your private offices/rooms, for each of the meeting rooms you rent as well a general group for those members with access only to the common areas. 

  Admins should not alter the tags, e-mail address, or access group assignments for users in Salto directly, Nexudus will handle these automatically.

Admins can feel free to alter other information in Salto directly (such as editing locking options).

Setting up your Nexudus Spaces account

As we've already mentioned, access rights are managed via Passes on Nexudus Spaces. Once the integration is complete, you can choose to link them to the Groups that you've added to your SALTO Keys as a Service account.

Passes can be sold directly to members or included in Plans or Products that you add to your account. By default, your Nexudus Spaces account is set up with a series of Passes that you can see on the dashboard via Inventory > Passes.

Important: Coworkers that are going to access the space with SALTO KS must have valid Passes on their Nexudus Spaces account.

Connecting Nexudus Spaces with SALTO KS

Once you've set up the Passes and included them in the Plans or Products that you need, you must link your Nexudus Spaces account to SALTO KS.

  1. Go to Settings, then click on Integrations.

  2. Click Salto KS / Clay.

  3. Set Enable to YES and enter your credentials, system ID and the API token.

  4. Click Save changes.

The app will ask you to log in with your SALTO KS credentials.

Setting up Salto access

Linking a Nexudus Spaces Pass to a SALTO KS Group

On the next screen, you can link the Passes, Floor Plan Items (Desks and Offices), Resources set up on your Nexudus Spaces account to the groups that you've added on SALTO KS. As you can see in the image, we've linked the Mornings Pass to the Members with morning access and Members with 24/7 access to the one it corresponds with on SALTO KS. Click on the Save button to complete the process.

Mapping the locks to the groups from Salto
Mapping passes from Nexudus to corresponding Salto Groups 

In this example, you can see we selected a "CheckIn" action for the "Main Entrance" reader so members opening that door are checked in automatically. You can also see that we chose to add everyone with a pass "All Day pass" to the SALTO group "Main Entrance". This means that anyone with that pass will automatically be added to that group and therefore be granted access to any locks you have placed within that group.

You can do the exact same thing for each of the items in your Floor Plans as well as for each of your resources.

When linking an item from your floor plan to a Salto access group, anyone with an active contract linked to that floor plan item will be added to this group. This works across teams too, which means that by linking the paying member's contract to an item in the floor plan, you will be granting access to the SALTO group linked to that floor plan item to everyone who is in that team.

Mapping Desk and Offices to corresponding Salto groups
Mapping meeting room locks to corresponding groups from Salto

Assigning Salto tags to customers in Nexudus

On the admin panel, you can add an Access Card by going to Operations -> Members & Contacts -> <Customer Account> -> Account -> Services.

Adding an access card to a customers account

If the Salto integration is turned on in Nexudus, the Access Card number is used automatically to link that Access Card to a Salto tag, but only if the tag has been registered in Salto. The customer is automatically assigned the tag in Salto that was set for them in Nexudus. 

  Always assign tags to customers in Nexudus by adding them as an access card.

Entering access card information on a customer's account

Salto on Passport app

Space members are able to connect their Salto account with Nexudus passport mobile app, this will enable them to open Salto controlled door with their mobile phones.

When a member is created in Nexudus and it has a valid time pass or has made a booking, Salto will send a welcome email to him with a link to register in Salto. Once registered the customer can download the Nexudus Passport app and navigate to the account section and connect Passport app with Salto by entering his Salto credentials. 


Navigate to account section

Once that is done customer can open the door by navigating to the home section to unlock the door.




Unlock door



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