Learn how to configure the Access Control System Kisi

What is KISI?

KISI is an access control system app for mobiles that lets space members enter your coworking space using their smartphone. What's more, it has many features that give you a better idea of how your space is being used.

How can the integration between KISI and Nexudus help your space?

Below are some of the processes that you can automate when you integrate KISI with your Nexudus account:

  • KISI keys: You can automatically generate a new KISI key when a new member arrives at your location or cancel a key if a coworker decides to leave.

  • Flexible opening times: You're bound to have different plans that allow members to access the space at different times of the day. By integrating both systems you can synchronise the access conditions that each of the plans have in Nexudus with the KISI user accounts.

  • Reports: When you integrate door access control in your space, you'll have a much better idea of who is coming and going and when.

  • Resources: You can link your KISI account with the Resources that you've configured on your Nexudus account. This means you can generate access keys for the Resources from KISI when a booking is made via Nexudus.

How can I integrate Nexudus and KISI?

First, you'll need to open an account on both of these platforms. If you already have a Nexudus account and you're interested in integrating KISI in your coworking space, you can contact KISI. The KISI team will tell you about the steps you need to take to install the system and enable your account. You can also sign up directly on the KISI website.

Access to the coworking space, is managed by Passes on Nexudus. These are the elements that you need to link on your KISI account to grant the access rights that you want depending on the coworkers in your space. On KISI, you can use different Groups to manage the different types of Passes or Resources that you've configured on your Nexudus Spaces account and link them later.

Your Nexudus account has some Passes configured by default, such as 24 Hours Pass, Day Pass (8HRS) and Evening Pass, which can be sold to coworkers separately or via a Product or Plan. If you want to link these elements, you have to create three groups in your KISI account: Members with 24 hours access, Members with day access and Members with evening access. Then, when a member accesses the coworking space using KISI, it will check that they have a valid Pass that grants them access.

Once you've got an active account for both platforms, you'll need to configure some settings on each of the accounts. Below, we'll look at the necessary elements for each of them:

Setting up your KISI account

On your KISI account, you'll have to set up the Groups, which set the access rights for a certain group of users. Once added, you can link them to the Passes or Resources that are set up on your Nexudus account.

1. Creating a Group/s on your KISI account

  • Groups: On your KISI account, you can set up as many groups as you need to integrate with Nexudus, indicating the access rights that you want to grant the coworkers linked to each group. If you want to add a group in KISI, you must complete the following steps:

Log in to your KISI account and select the Place you want to set up. If you've still not added a place, you can do so by clicking the Add Place link on your KISI account home page.

Add Place screen

On the main menu, go to Groups and add a group. You just have to enter the name you want to give the group and click Save.

Groups side panel
Add Group
Group list
  • Then, view the group details and select the doors that the group members can access. If you still haven't configured any doors for your Place, you can do so via the Main Menu > Doors.

Select the group
Doors the group can open 

Remember that there are many more options for setting up a Group on KISI, such as devices, geofences or readers. In this section, we're going to focus on linking a group to the doors you have on your KISI account. For more information about other KISI settings, go to the KISI help page.

  Important: If you manage more than one space with your Nexudus account, you might be interested in setting a code for each of your spaces, so you can identify them more easily on both accounts. For example, you could have "Embassies, Madrid - Office plan" or "Moncloa, Madrid - Flexible Plan".

2. Obtaining a KISI API key

You'll need a KISI API key from your master account to be able to integrate it with your Nexudus account. You can obtain it on page. Then, click the icon in the top right of the screen.

Click to access your account 
  • Next, go to the My Devices section and scroll down to My API tokens. Click on the Generate API Key button.

Manage devices

We'll use this key later during the integration with your Nexudus account. You can copy it to a text file and save it or you can even return to this section at any time you need to.

Setting up Passes

Access rights are managed via Passes on Nexudus, meaning that the customers that are going to access the space with KISI must have valid Passes on their Nexudus account.

Passes can be sold directly to members or included in Plans or Products that you add to your account. By default, your Nexudus account is set up with a series of Passes that you can see on the dashboard via Inventory > Passes.

Connecting Nexudus with KISI

Once you've set up the Passes and included them in the Plans or Products that you need, you must link your Nexudus account to KISI in Settings > Integrations.

Look for the KISI section and activate Enable and enter the API key that you generated on your KISI account before. To continue, click on the Connect with KISI button. The app will ask you to log in with your KISI credentials.

Once the integration is complete, you can choose to link your Passes to the Groups that you've added to your KISI account.

Linking a Nexudus Pass to a KISI Group

On the next screen, you can link the Passes and Resources set up on your Nexudus account to the groups that you've added on KISI. As you can see in the image, we've linked the Mornings Pass to the Members with morning access and Members with 24/7 access to the one it corresponds with on KISI. Click Save to complete the process.

Mapping passes to Kisi access groups
Mapping resources (meeting rooms) to Kisi Groups

When the integration is complete and a member or contact with a valid Pass uses KISI to access the space, they'll have permission to access the space. 

Linking a Kisi Group to a Nexudus Resource

Additionally, integrating both platforms enables you to link the Resources that you've got set up on your Nexudus to a group on your KISI account. As such, if you also use KISI to access the meeting rooms in your space, you can generate keys for them automatically every time a booking is made on your Nexudus account. These keys will be valid 15 minutes before the booking is to start.

To link a KISI group to a Resource on Nexudus:

Go to your KISI account and add a new group in the Groups section for the Resource you want to link it to. For example, Green meeting room.

New Group 

Then, view the details and link it to the meeting room door that you've added on KISI.

View the details
Door section

Now, you'll need to link this Group to the Resource on your Nexudus account. To do so, go to Settings > Integrations via your Nexudus dashboard.

Look for the KISI section and click Connect with KISI. If you still haven't integrated the two platforms, you can see how to do so in the sections above.

On the next screen, look for the Resource "Yellow meeting room" and link it to the KISI Group that you've just added using the drop-down menu to the right of your screen.

Map the meeting room locks to the corresponding Kisi group

Lastly, click Save button at the top of the screen to complete the process.

Once you've configured this setting, every time a member or contact books the Green Meeting Room via Nexudus, KISI will send a key to grant them access to the space, which will be valid 15 minutes before the start of the booking time.

Testing the integration

When the member has a pass, the keys generated by KISI will be valid. Once the passes are used, said keys will be cancelled. These processes are applied to the Passes that are directly assigned as well as those sold via a Plan or Product.

When you add a new Member or Contact which has Passes that are linked to KISI, they'll receive a confirmation email to the email account that they signed up with that invites them to use KISI.

Kisi confirmation email
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