Learn how you can set up Kisi as an access control system in your space.

About Kisi

Kisi is an access control system that automates access to your building and the different areas within your space. Access groups let you define who gets access to which area and how. 

The table below details how Kisi works with Nexudus: 

You connect Kisi to Nexudus with Customers can access your space with Access groups can be connected to 
API token
  • Nexudus Automation Tiles (NFC / QR)
  • Smartphones via NFC with the Kisi app
  • Passes
  • Resources / Doors



General requirements to integrate Kisi

You need to make sure some requirements are met before you can integrate Kisi with Nexudus. Some requirements may seem obvious, but they're important to ensure a smooth and efficient integration. 

Have active accounts in Nexudus and Kisi

If you already have a Nexudus account but no Kisi account, we encourage you to get in touch with the Kisi team who will help you install the system in your space and enable your account. 

If you already have a Kisi account but no Nexudus account, we encourage you to get in touch with our team who will help you activate and set up your Nexudus account. 

Have items set up in your Nexudus account

Access to your building with Kisi is managed through two categories of items available in Nexudus: passes and resources. It is important to have these items set up in your space prior to the integration because they will be the connection point between Nexudus and your Kisi access groups.

Setting up your Kisi account

On your Kisi account, you need to set up access groups. They define access rights for certain groups of users. You need to create these groups in Kisi in order to then connect them to passes, desks & offices, and resources in your Nexudus account.

Creating access groups

We recommend you create a access group per pass, resource, and desk or office in your floor plans.

To give you an example, if your space offers:

  • 2 types of passes
  • 3 meeting rooms
  • 4 private offices

You will need 9 access groups in your Kisi account. 

You won't need to manually create users in Kisi. Nexudus manage this for you, including assigning them a PIN code or up to four access cards based on the details of each customer.

Nexudus automatically adds your customers as users in Kisi when they purchase a pass, a contract for a desk or office or make a booking for one of the resources you have connected to an access group. 

Access groups are always created and edited in Kisi. You cannot modify access groups in Nexudus.


Connecting Nexudus Spaces with Kisi

Once you've set up the Passes and included them in the Plans or Products that you need, you must link your Nexudus Spaces account to Kisi.

  1. Go to Settings, then click on Integrations.
  2. Click KISI.
  3. Set Enable to YES and enter your credentials, username and password.
  4. Enter your API Key (Kisi will provide this)
  5. Click Save changes.
  6. Click on Connect to access your Salto account and connect it to Nexudus


Linking Nexudus items to Access Groups.

After clicking on "Connect", you will be asked to select a Kisi Location. Select the site you want to see doors and Access groups for to continue.

On the next screen, you can link the Passes, Floor Plan Items (Desks and Offices)Resources set up on your Nexudus account to the Access groups that you've added on Kisi. 

Entry Locks Activity

In this section you can choose what check-in action to perform when a customer unlocks each of the registered doors in the selected site.

If you choose Check in for a door, you must ensure customers have valid passes to access the building. If they don't, the door will still unlock but we will report an authorised access and the customer will not be able to check in. You can see a report of failed check-ins in Operations > Failed Check-ins in your Nexudus dashboard.


Pass groups

In this section you can connect each of the passes available in your Nexudus account with a Kisi Access group. Selecting a Access group for a pass will mean that any customers holding that pass will be added to that Access group in Kisi. 

It is important the access times and days you set for the Access group in Kisi matches that of the pass. Nexudus does not change or manage the access rights for each of the Access groups in Kisi.



Resources and Room locks

In this section you can connect each of the resources available in your Nexudus calendars with a Kisi Access group. Selecting a Access group for a resource will mean that any customers booking that resource will be added to that Access group in Kisi. 

Customers are added to the Access group 15 minutes before each booking starts, if you add a booking with a start date in the future, customers will be added to the associated card holder group 15 minutes before that booking starts.

Customers are removed from the associated Access group 15 minutes after their booking end. This accounts for cases when customers may forget any items in the room and may have to access it again shortly after their booking ends.


Testing the integration

When the member has a pass, the keys generated by Kisi will be valid. Once the passes are used, said keys will be cancelled. These processes are applied to the Passes that are directly assigned as well as those sold via a Plan or Product.

When you add a new Member or Contact which has Passes that are linked to Kisi, they'll receive a confirmation email to the email account that they signed up with that invites them to use Kisi.

Kisi confirmation email
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