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Can members check-in and out with the passport app? 

Yes, they can do this by tapping their phone on a tablet running the latest version of NexIO. They can also use the app to check-in via door access systems such us Salto or Doorflow. For more details please see the Integrations and Partners section in the Knowledge Base.  

Some meeting room categories don't show meeting room picture in the mobile app.  

The system will take the first meeting room that is set to show up from the category and display the picture of that meeting room. If the meeting room doesn’t have a photo uploaded, it won't display anything. We advise administrators to add pictures to all meeting rooms. Updating the app after new pictures have been uploaded may take a while. To speed up the process you can try clearing the browser cache and in the last instance to uninstall and then install the app again.

Is it possible to integrate JOAN JOAN devices (meeting room tablets) with Nexudus? 

We are currently working on integrating this option as part of our native integrations.


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