Resource products

Learn how to add products to resources so customers can request those when making a booking.

You can assign one or more products to a resource so customers can request or purchase those when making a booking for that resource.

To add or remove resource products

  You can ask Monika how to create a product and then add it to a resource.
  1. If the side menu is not visible, click  

  2. In the side menu, click Inventory, then click Booking Resources.

  3. Click the icon of the resource whose products you want to add or edit.

  4. Under the resource name, click Products.

resource_product.pngList of products associated with a given resource

To define a resource product, you first need to create a product.

resource_new_product.pngAdding a new product to a resource



Charge this product based on the length of the booking it is added to.

Enable this option if you want to adjust the price of this product based on how long the booking request it is. When this option is enabled, the price of the product will be regarded as the hourly price for it when added to a booking. For example, if a product price is $10, a booking requesting that product for 2 hours will result on a $20 charge.

Let customers request more than one item of this product when placing a booking.

Enable this option if want customers to be able to request more than one unit of this product.

Let customers buy this product as part of the bookings they request online or via the app.

Enable this option if you want to list this product in the members portal or your app when making a booking for this product. When this option is not enabled, the product will still be available for administrators to sell when making a booking for this resource.

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