Resource prices

Learn how to add one or more prices to a resource.

Each resource can have one or more prices set to apply to different customer types, different days of the week, time of the day or even based on the length of the booking being made.

  Prices are set based on resource types, not resources. In other words, all resources of the same type will have the same set of prices. Adding a price to a resource will also add that price to all resources of that type.

To add a resource price

  You can ask Monika how to add a price to a resource
  1. If the side menu is not visible, click  

  2. In the side menu, click Inventory, then click Booking Resources.

  3. Click the icon of the resource whose prices you want to add or edit.

  4. Under the resource name, click Prices.

  5. Click add price, see below for more information on each field on this form.

  6. Click Save changes.

resource_price.pngList of resource prices 

resource_new_price.pngAdding a new resource price

To delete a resource price

Select the correct price to display the quick access menu, which has several options, including delete. You can also use this method to remove multiple resource prices.

delete_resource_price.pngClick on a resource price to show additional options

delete_resource_price_dots.pngYou can also delete or duplicate a resource price by clicking on the more options menu on the right 

Each price defines the following options:




The name of the price. This will be included in the invoices sent to customers booking the resource this price is for.


The location this price is defined at. This has no impact on the billing of this resource. Charges for bookings are always issued by the location where the resource being booked is at.

This price is available for the following types of resource

The type of resources this price applies to. If you have more than one resource for the selected type, this price will be added or updated for all the resources of that type.

Always use this price if more than one rate is available for bookings.

If more than one price is available for a given booking, Nexudus uses the cheapest one by default. Enable this option to override that.





The amount to charge when this resource is booked. This price can be hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or per-use. When using an hourly price, Nexudus will charge bookings in 15 minutes intervals.

Set a maximum price for bookings using this rate.

A price cap when calculating the price for bookings of this resource.

The initial part of the booking has a fixed cost.

A fixed cost to apply for the first part of the booking made for this resource. For example, you may have a $10/hour rate but charge $25 for the first hour.

Use a different rate when customers pay using credit.

Whether you want to price this resource differently when customers use money credit to pay for bookings made for this resource.

respurce_price_settings.pngResource price settings


This section lets you define rules controlling when this price will apply.

  These rules do not set when the resource can be booked, they just set when this specific price will be offered for bookings.



This rate is only available at specific hours and/or days of the week

The days of the week and times of the day this price will be available.

This price only applies to bookings of a minimum length

Sets this price to be available to bookings of at least this number of minutes/days/months.

This price only applies to bookings of a maximum length

Sets this price to be available to bookings of at most this number of minutes/days/months.

This rate is only available for specific types of members

Sets this price to be available only to specific types of members.

resource_price_restrictions.pngResource price options

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