Website directory

The website directory shows the profiles of members, contacts and teams within your space

Posting profiles help your customers find people they can collaborate with, talk about their ideas or start new projects.

You can add tags to make searching easier. Tags can describe your coworkers' skills, interests and so on. The directory has a smart search engine, which shows results that match the name, tags or content found on people's profiles.

Your coworkers can also find out what people post on the discussion board and see who is checked-in right now.

Add tags and configure which profiles you want to display in your directory by accessing the Directories tab in Settings > Website modules.

Accessing the directory

You can access your directory from your Nexudus space website.

To view the directory

  1. In the top menu, click COMMUNITY.

  2. Click Members.

  You can now view the published profiles of your members, contacts and teams. You can sort the profiles by the following criteria:
  • New members

  • Checked-in members

  • Staff

  • Skills (tags)

  • Groups


Members directory

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