What are Reports?

Learn more about reports in Nexudus.

Reports are documents that group data collected from your Nexudus account. They are a great tool to keep track of how your space is doing and spot areas of improvement. Reports are organised by category and serve different purposes.

You can define the time period to include in reports and all reports are downloadable in XLS format.

Reports Page

The Reports page is accessible to any user with access to the Administrator Panel. 



Reports Page on the Administrator Panel

Number  Description

Location Dropdown List 

Lets you select a specific space location.

Reports are individually generated for every location.


Search Bar 

Lets you filter reports with keywords.


Report Categories 

Lets you look up the relevant reports according to the aspect of you space operations you want to check up on. 


Exit button

Lets you exit the Reports page and brings you back to the Administrator Panel dashboard.


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Report Categories

You will find several report categories in the reports section. The table below contains a summary of the available categories. 

Click the report category to be redirected to categories' article. Category articles include a description of each individual report in the category.

Report category



Reports that you have bookmarked. Use this category to easily access the reports you use most often.


Key Performance Indicators. Reports that include information about your space's performance.


Reports on plan, desk and other resource occupancy.


Reports that provide data on coworkers' access to the space. You must use the check-in feature linked to your Nexudus account to generate these reports.


Reports that provide detailed information about resource usage in your space.


Reports with information about sold tickets and the details of event attendees.

Time passes

Reports that provide the following data about members:

  • access to the space

  • pass usage


Reports containing lists of visitors sorted by email or date of visit.


Reports on desk bookings.


Marketing Resource Management. Reports that provide detailed information on deals and losses. The Conversion Times report found here helps you learn how long it took for customers to decide on using your services.

Members & Contacts

Reports including detailed data on your customers.


Reports with information about assigned tasks.

Products (invoiced)

Reports containing information about products you have invoiced.


Reports providing detailed information on income earned, amounts paid and other financial transactions.


Reports detailing deposits by account or company.


Reports with information about payments due from customers.


Reports that include data on the invoices created in the space.


Reports on paid invoices, revenue earned by individual members and revenue earned by month. You can also generate a GoCardless summary report here.

Revenue Exchange

Reports on accrual exchange.


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