Bookings reports

Bookings list

This report shows all the bookings made, detailing the duration, status (Invoiced, Paid, and more) and who made the booking.

Bookings by Team

Like the last report, this one provides information on the bookings made during a given date range and includes the name of the team to which the member who made the booking belongs.

Bookings by Team (totals)

[An error occurs when generating this report in the current beta rollout.]

Bookings by Member

This report provides data on the bookings made during the date range selected, listing the members that made the bookings.

Bookings by Resource

This report shows the bookings for each of the resources available in your space, made during the date range selected for the report.

Bookings by Month

This report provides data on the total bookings made per month. The chart separates the bookings by resource and booking method:

  • Online

  • Offline

Today's Bookings

If you select today's date in the filter, you will see today's bookings for each resource and the corresponding status.

Today's Bookings by Resource

This document shows all of the bookings made for the day selected in the filter, detailing the resources.

To view a specific day, make sure you enter the same date in the From and To fields.

Booking Credit

This report shows the information corresponding to the booking credit for each member and its expiry date.

This report cannot be filtered by a date range/booking Credit‌

Room Bookings (room per page)

This report includes data on bookings, made for each room available on your Nexudus Spaces account, showing one room per page.

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