Security considerations

Using Role-Based Access Control to limit access to your Nexudus account.

For security reasons, you may not want some employees or contractors to be able to view or edit certain areas of your space. To meet this need, Nexudus allows you to define the roles to which you can add specific permissions and users.

Our solution offers the RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) approach to increase data protection and efficiency of your coworking space. Roles help you control the level of access that your users have to different areas of the network. This allows them to better define and perform their jobs. In turn, your administrative work can be reduced.

Use roles to restrict user access to the areas on the platform related to their skills and functions. Users will only be able to access the areas related to their line of work. Roles also help improve the security of your space when your tenants use third parties or contractors as part of their operations.

When creating roles, consider carefully the rights you want to grant each user. Roles are cumulative so you can also assign many roles to the same person. This means you can grant rights to a user either by creating a role-specific to their job or assign multiple roles to them (which may give them more rights than they need to have).

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