What is a plan?

Plans offer a very flexible way to control how you charge your customers.  
When a customer is signed up to a plan (or more accurately, when a customer has a contract for one of your plans) is regarded as a member and they will be automatically invoiced based on the plan billing cycle. Plans can also include benefits that are made available to members in that plan.

For example, you can set up a plan called Permanent Desk, charged at $200 a month, that includes the Large meeting room for 5 hours a month or $20 of credit to be used to book small meeting rooms. These "extras" bundled with the plan are controlled by resource credits, passes and money credit.

When an invoice is generated for a customer, it will include the price of the plan and any additional due products purchased since the last time the customer was invoiced. Plans can have a billing cycle of any number of months or weeks.

For more detailed information, see Managing plans.

Note: If you want to sell a product or service as a one-off, a better option is to set up a product instead

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