Product details

How to edit the details for a product.

To view, add or remove product details

 You can ask Monika how to add a product.
  1. If the side menu is not visible, click

  2. In the side menu, click Inventory, then click Products.

  3. Click the icon of the product whose details you want to view. The Details page is displayed by default.

  4. If required, add information or amend the details, which are described below.

  5. Click Save changes.

Product details

The following options are available for products. 

Details tab




A descriptive name to identify the product. This will appear in reports and invoices.


If you operate more than one location, select the location at which you want to offer the product. If you choose a network, the product will be available at all locations within that network.


A description of the product that will appear on your website, if you choose to display the product there.


Enter the price you wish to charge for the product and the currency.

Display this product on the website

Set this to YES if you wish the product to be made available for purchase by members and contacts on your location's website.

Purchase links

These links are read-only. You can share them to invite customers to purchase the product.

  If you select a different currency than the main currency of the location where this product is sold, the price will automatically be converted to the main currency when invoiced. We will use live exchange rates to do this.

Benefits tab

The options in this tab allow you to bundle items with the product. For information, see product benefits.

Advanced tab



Available as

Determines how this product can be bought (as a one-off purchase, as part of a plan or both).

This product can be purchased by

Determines who can buy the product (all customers, only members or only contacts).

This product is only available for specific types of members

If you have selected the option to make this product available to just members, you will also be given the option to choose one of more plans. Doing so will make the product available just to members with an active contract for those plans.


Here, you can enter a tag that will be used to group the product with other products with the same tag on your website. For example, you could have the category drinks, which you would apply to Espresso, Latte, Green Tea, and so on.


You can enter an internal Stock Keeping Unit (reference number) for the product here to allow you to keep track of stock more easily.

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