What is a product?

A product is an item or service you sell to customers.

Products can represent one-off or repeating sales. If published, they can be bought directly from the members portal by customers. Products can also include benefits, such as passes, time or money credit.

By contrast, a resource is a room or item that can be booked for hire via a calendar. Common examples are meeting rooms, a recording studio, or a 3-D printer.

Products can be added to a customer's account either as a single, one-off purchase or as a repeating sale every day, week, month, year or as an add-on to their primary contract, so if the contract is canceled the product charges will stop too.

Products differ from plans in that customers do not engage in a contract with you to purchase a product and therefore are not regarded as members when it comes to prices, discounts or access to your members portal.

Recurrent products

You can set a product up as recurrent, which means it will be invoiced at specified intervals to customers. For more information, see recurrent products.

Bundled products

Bundled products include a number of passes or an amount of time or money credit.

For example:

  • 5 Day Pass is a product with five passes added as a benefit

  • 10 Day Pass with 2 hours meeting room time is a product with 10 passes and 120 minutes of time credit both added as benefits.

   Remember that the price you assign to the product will always be what is charged, rather than the prices of the individual items (money credit, time credit, passes) that it includes. This is useful when you would like to offer discounts to buyers of the product. For example, you may offer a 10-day pass for a lower price than the 10 individual day passes it includes. To set this up, you would add a product called 10-day pass and include the individual day passes in it.

There is virtually no limit to the products you could offer as services or goods. A few examples are: gift cards, printing services, virtual office services, lockers, and parking.

   When you set up a product, Display this product on the website must be set to YES before customers will be able to buy it through the members portal.

If you have a payment method set up on Nexudus, payments and invoice processes can be automated.

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