Managing discounts

Managing discounts for your location. Discount codes, once defined, can be added to any user account. They are applied automatically to member or contact accounts if the specified criteria are met. For example, you could create a discount code that makes a day pass free of charge, as long as the buyer has not used that discount code before to buy that particular product.‌

You can define the following when you add a discount code:‌

  • The code name, description and location

  • Whether it is active

  • Validity: to and from date and expiry type

  • Availability online

  • Discount rate as a percentage or monetary value

  • What the discount may be applied to: for example price plans and events

  • The limits

Manual discounts are discounts that you manually add to the member account. You can do this by adding a negative price product or charge. Manual discounts are always for a monetary amount, not a percentage (%).‌

To define a discount code 

  You can ask Monika how to add a discount code

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Finance, then click Discounts.

  3. Click Add discount code.

  4. On the Add new discount code page, enter the required information.

  5. Click Save.

Adding a new discount code 

Referral Discounts

Referral discounts are a special type of discount that will apply not to the customer using the discount code but to the customer who invited the new customer to use it.

When you add a referral discount to your account, a message will show at the top of every page of your members portal, letting users refer other customers to your site.

The message displayed when a referral discount is active in your account
The dialogue box used to refer a customer

When a customer is invited, they get a unique link sent by email letting them sign up. This link tracks who referred this new customer and therefore assigns the discount to that customer. This happens only if the new customer being referred signs up.

Referral code email

  If a customer accrues multiple referral discounts, only one will be applied per invoice.

For example, if you offer 10% off your invoice for referrals and a member successfully recruits 5 members, they will receive 10% off their next 5 invoices.

Adding a discount code to a customer

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Operations, then click Members & Contacts.

  3. Click the member or contact to whom you want to add the discount.

  4. Beneath the user's name, click Benefits and the Discounts.

  5. At the bottom of the page, click Add discount

  6. In the Discount code drop-down box, select the discount to add to the customer.

  7. Optionally, select an expiration date for the discount in the Expires on field.

  8. Click Save.

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