About Deliveries

Learn more about how you can manage customer deliveries in your Nexudus account.

Nexudus helps you process packages your customers get delivered to your space from the Deliveries section of the admin portal.
You can manually add deliveries to the system and assign them to customers. You can also use the free scanning app developed by Nexudus, NexDelivery. When using NexDelivery, all you need to do is scan the delivery labels and the app assigns the delivery to the right customer.

As soon as you assign a delivery in Nexudus, customers receive an email notification letting them know they have a delivery waiting for them. You can include a picture of the delivery label and require customer signature at collection. You can also let customers know where they should come pick up their delivery.

You can edit delivery records at any point from the admin portal. 

For more information on deliveries, see the following topics:

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