Checking in and out Using NexIO

NexIO lets your customers and visitors check-in and out via the app using PIN codes or the Passport app. Visitors can also use NexIO to register themselves. As they register, they are automatically checked in and the customer designated as their host is notified of their arrival via email.

NexIO is included in your Nexudus subscription at no additional cost.‌ You can download the app from the Play Store and the App Store.‌

To set up NexIO, you need to log into it with a user account that has full administrator privileges. Select the check-in mode to use the app as a means for members and visitors to check-in, or the events mode if you want to use the device to display upcoming events.

Make sure the account you use to log in is registered in a single location. You can use an account linked to more than one location, but using a dedicated admin account per location improves the consistency of the recorded check-ins and check-outs in each location.‌

What Are the Check-in/out Options?

Members and contacts can check in and out using their PIN code or the Passport app.

Pre-registered visitors can check in and out with the PIN code or the QR code they received in their registration email.

Visitors can also check in without any code by registering directly through NexIO.

Check-in/out with PIN Codes

Customers can access their PIN code via My Accounts > Password on the Members Portal. Admins can also send them their PIN code via email by selecting the customer and clicking Send PIN Reminder on the Administrator Panel.




Visitors can find their PIN code in the registration email they received from the space.


  2. Enter your PIN code.


Repeat the process to check out as you leave the space.

Check-in/out with the Passport App

Any customer with the Passport app on their phone can use it to check in and out of the space.

  1. Open the Passport app on your phone. 
  2. Log in to your account if you aren't currently logged in. 
  3. Hold your phone next to the NexIO app. 

Repeat the process to check out as you leave the space. 


Registering as a Visitor

  1. Tap I AM A VISITOR.

  2. Tap NO, when asked if you have a visitor code.

  3. Enter required details:





  4. Tap CONTINUE. You have now checked in and the customer you are visiting received an email notification about your arrival.

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