Adding Visitors from the Administrator Panel

Learn how to add visitors from the Administrator Panel.

As an administrator, you can add visitors from the Administrator Panel. 

Adding Visitors 

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Operations > Visitors.
  3. Click Add visitor.
  4. Add the visitor's name in the Full Name field.
  5. Add the visitor's phone number in the Phone field.
  6. Add the visitor's email address in the Email field.
  7. Select the customer the visitor is visiting from the Visiting dropdown list.
  8. Select the date and time of the visit from the Expected On field.
  9. If the visitor is coming for a tour, tick the This visitor is coming for a tour option.
  10. If you want to add internal notes about the visitor, click Notes and add your note.
  11. Click Save.

New visitor form

Adding Visitors to Bookings 

You can also add guests when adding or editing bookings from the Administrator Panel. Guests are simply visitors who are added to a specific booking. 

When creating a new booking:

  1. Click Add Guest


  2. Click Manage Guest List.


  3. Add the guest's name and email address. You can add as many as needed. 


  4. Click Done

You can finish filling out the new booking form and save your changes.

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