Granting Customers Access to the Members Portal

Learn more about the different ways you can grant your customers access to the Members Portal.

​Members and contacts automatically get access to the Members Portal when they sign themselves up via the portal. If you add customers from the admin portal, you have several options. 

The easiest way to grant your customers Members Portal access is to make sure the Send a Welcome Email option is enabled when you add them in Nexudus.
Customers who are signed up that way automatically receive an email notification that includes credentials to access the Members Portal.


Send welcome email option in the new customer form of the admin portal

Manually Granting Access to the Members Portal

You can also choose to manually grant customers Members Portal access. This option is useful if you disabled the welcome email notification by accident when adding new customers or if you want to have more control over who can access the Members Portal.

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Operations > Members & Customers
  3. Hover your mouse next to customer records and select all the customers you want to have Members Portal access. 


  4. In the Bulk Actions menu, click Grant Portal Access.


  5. Click Continue

Your customers now have access to the Members Portals and will receive the welcome email notification with their credentials. You can edit the template of this notification at any point through Settings > Notifications > Templates.

Alternatively, you can grant any customer Members Portal access directly from their record in Nexudus. All you need to do is click on a customer and select Grant Portal Access from the Actions menu at the bottom of the page. 



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