Signing up a member

How to add a new member to Nexudus.

Use the following procedure to sign up a new member.

  You can ask Monika how to add a customer

To sign up a contact, see signing up a contact. 

  Members can sign themselves up on the customer portal. Members without user accounts do not have access to your location's website. To create a user account for a new member, make sure the welcome email option is set to Yes.

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Operations.

  3. Under the Customers section, click Members & Contacts

  4. Click Add customer.

  5. In the Type box select either: Company or Individual.

    • Note: A Company is a customer record which can house the legal entity of a Company. Companies are often used as the paying member of a Team.

  6. In the Full name box type customer's name.

  7. In the Email box type customer's email address.

  8. From the Plan drop-down list select the plan for this member.

  9. Add the details to Team, Home location, Contact details, Billing details and Notes.

  10. Optional: You can add more than one new customer at once by selecting Add more than one customer box at the top of the page.

  11. Set the customer's printing settings under Ezeep and PaperCut.

  12. Click Save. 

  All members are signed up to a plan. If you are signing up a customer without plan please see signing up a contact


Adding a new member 

  Customers set up as companies cannot use Papercut, only customers set as individuals may use the Papercut integration.

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