Message Board Details

Understanding the message board. 
The message board is based on several elements that help you stay in touch with your space users. You can personalise the notifications that are sent to members and determine which members receive them. The board elements are as follows.
  • Conversations: Discussion threads that members can create. They will receive answers from other members who take part in the discussion. Filters can be set for each conversation, using tags. Members can unfollow, silence or like conversations. These conversations can also be set as private so that they can only be seen by members who have been invited. 

  • Groups: You may want to segment information on the message board. You can use Groups to do this by linking specific people in your space. Groups access settings let you control whether or not the rest of the community can see group conversations and take part in group discussions. For more information, check out our article on managing Message Board groups.

  • Tags: Tags are a good way to organise the conversations on the message board as they help you classify them according to subject matter.

  • Notifications: Nexudus can send notifications about any new activity that happens on the message board. These notifications are normally sent first thing in the morning between 8-10 a.m. and customers can choose whether they want to receive them or not by adjusting their settings.

  • Directory: the message board is linked to the directory, showing all of the conversations that each customer has posted. This makes it easier for customers to find other people that are posting content that they may find interesting.

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