Viewing Events

Learn how to keep track of your events in Nexudus.
You can access your events from the Community or the Operations section on the Administrator Panel. Your customers also have the option to see events on the Members Portal through the Community tab.

Viewing Events on the Administrator Panel

Viewing your events through the Events Calendar lets you keep track of all your events at a glance. Viewing your events through the Bookings Calendar has the advantage of showing your events alongside the different bookings in your space. 

Accessing the Events Calendar

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Community > Events Calendar.

Your events calendar displays the events scheduled for the current month by default. You can switch to a weekly or list display on the top right corner of the calendar. 


Default display of the Events calendar on the Administrator Panel 


Accessing Events from the Bookings Calendar 

You also have the option to check your events on the Bookings Calendar.
  1. If the side menu is not visible, click  .
  2. Click Operations > Bookings Calendar
  3. Tick the Show Events box in the top left corner of the calendar.


Show Events setting on the Bookings Calendar

Viewing Events on the Members Portal

  1. Click the Community drop-down menu.
  2. Click Events.

You are redirected to the upcoming events by default. You can also choose the calendar display or filter the events by category. 

Viewing events and bookings on the website
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