About news articles

What are News Articles

News articles allow you to post information about your space to a blog.

Nexudus includes a news articles section, also known as the blog, where you can post information that is relevant to your space. When you enable this feature, the blog section is visible on the your space website. From your Nexudus dashboard, you can schedule posts, add images, post comments, organise posts by category and set the language. If you use other content management systems like WordPress or Blogger, you can link them from the website. 

  You can access the news articles section from the dashboard and from your website.

To view the news articles from the dashboard

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Community.

  3. In the News section, click News Articles.

  You can view and sort your articles with the following filters:

  • Title

  • Summary Text 

  • Publish Date

  • Allow Comments

  • Comments Count

  • Created On

  • Updated On

Viewing the news articles from the website

To view your website's blog, in the website's top menu, click BLOG.
  You can sort the articles by the categories you configured.
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