How to automate your cancellations using CRM boards

How to design processes to track and manage your customers using CRM boards 
It's important to determine what your CRM process for a situation is so that you can design CRM boards to track that process.‌

One common CRM process for cowork locations is membership cancellation. That CRM board would need to list all the steps to terminate the membership but would likely also include steps to try and retain the member. The first step might be to see why they are cancelling and offer a financial incentive to stay. If that fails then a staff member would be assigned to make sure the cancellation process is carried out, including retrieving any key fobs, cleaning out any office used by the member, and so on.‌

For every member that does terminate, they might be moved to a new CRM board and contacted in three months to see if they'd like to come back. Alternatively, you may want to collect feedback on why members are terminated and then move them as appropriate to boards for the categories never contact, contact in 3 months or contact in 12 months.

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