Viewing a CRM board

What is a CRM board?

A CRM board defines a list of steps you can use to track opportunities, as you would using a traditional CRM pipeline. Each step, or what we call a column, can have as many opportunities as needed and each opportunity typically relates to a contact or a member, has a monetary value and may also have a due date.

Each column or step in each board can also trigger a task list or send a message macro when an opportunity is added to that step. This makes it easier to assign a set of tasks to different people in your team when someone is added to one of the steps in a CRM board or to notify that person or a member of the team when this happens.

The different steps in each of the boards can also be set to automatically receive opportunities when someone completes a tour request, signs up, makes a booking or ends their contract for one of your plans. This makes steps or columns in a board an ideal option to represent the initial stage in your sales or follow-up pipeline and automate the process of adding these opportunities to the relevant board.

To view a CRM board

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click CRM, then click CRM Boards. The list of boards is displayed. Each board includes an edit link.

  3. Click the board you wish to view. The page shows an expanded view of each step (column) on your board. This view allows you to filter opportunities by Show due and Assign to me. You can also create a new opportunity if needed.

    mceclip0.pngViewing CRM boards


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