What are CRM Boards?

Learn more about the CRM feature in Nexudus.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) boards help you manage and automate your interactions with current and prospective customers. A CRM board is a combination of three interlinked components: 

CRM Boards

CRM boards are simply common scenarios in your space operations that you want to automate. Each CRM board serves a specific purpose and has its own set of stages. 

You can add up to 5000 CRM boards in Nexudus. 

Some common scenarios that can be simplified with CRM boards are:

  • Setting up a standard process for customers cancelling their plan. 
  • Tracking tour requests in your space.
  • Following up on prospective customers after they visit your space. 
  • Triggering admin task list when new customers sign up to a plan. 


Opportunities are customer subsets defined in each stage of a CRM board. When opportunities meet the condition defined in the stage, they are automatically added to the stage and the action defined in the stage is triggered. 

You can add up to 5000 opportunities in Nexudus.

For example, a stage has opportunities defined as a customer cancelling their plan. As soon as a customer contract is cancelled in Nexudus, the customer is added as an opportunity to the stage. The action linked to the stage is also triggered. 


Stages are the different steps you add to a CRM board. Each stage is linked to a subset of customers called opportunities. Opportunities are automatically added to a stage when they meet a condition defined in the stage. As they are added to the stage, the action defined in the stage is also triggered. 

You can add up to 5000 stages in Nexudus. 


Actions are triggered in Nexudus when an opportunity is added to a CRM stage. The action can be a message macro or a task list. You can can combine message macros and tasks lists in stages and in CRM boards.

  • Message macros are simply templated messages that are automatically sent to opportunities who meet a predefined condition. This option doesn't require any administrator action and works best when you want to fully automate processes in your space. 

For example, opportunities who cancelled their plan should receive a message macro that includes a survey to get feedback.

  • Task lists are a list of tasks that are assigned to an administrator linked to the task list. When an opportunity meets a stage condition, the admin will receive notifications in the Administrator Panel asking them to complete the tasks in the list . This option lets you automate parts of processes in your space.

For example, opportunities who cancelled their plan should receive a proposal with a discounted plan to encourage them to stay signed up. 


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