Settings module

Use this module to configure your Nexudus account to suit the way you operate each of your locations.

For example, if you do not want to use the community boards, you can disable them here. You can also use this module to set up many aspects of your Nexudus account, including:

  • General settings like your logo, contact details, time zone and default currency.
  • The billing defaults that will affect the invoices you issue to customers, such as whether customers are notified by email when they make a payment.
  • Define your financial accounts to match the ones in your accounting software.
  • The payment methods you accept.
  • Your members' portal configuration.
  • The community features (such as the community boards and blog) that are active and their settings.
  • Who has access to each of the sections of your members portal and whether some sections are public or members only, for example.
  • Your space's online booking and reservation system settings.
  • PAYG (pay as you go) access to your space.
  • User accounts, including who has administrative access to your dashboard.
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