Operations I

Covers customers, teams and contracts.
We will show you how to create, update and delete companies, members and opportunities. We will show you how to create custom properties to better describe them. We’ll demonstrate how to create plans for members, change their status and invite them on the members portal.
  • Add a company customer.

  • Add an individual customer.

  • Group customers into teams.

  • Assign a contract to a customer.

  • Create your first contract invoice.

  • Add a one-off fee to a customer profile.

  • Invite a customer to the members portal.

  • Invite multiple customer to the members portal.

  • Change the email of a customer.

  • Pause a contract.

  • Cancel customers and the difference between members and contacts.

  • Passes, what they are and manually assign them.

  • Add custom properties to a customer. 

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