NexDelivery is a mobile app that helps you process deliveries for your customers.
NexDelivery.png   NexDelivery is an app for Nexudus administrators available on iOS and Android.

 The NexDelivery app is included in your Nexudus subscription at no additional cost.

What is NexDelivery?

NexDelivery is a mobile app that helps you process deliveries in your space.

It lets you to scan delivery labels with your mobile device, upload the scanned label to your Nexudus account, assign it to a customer, and creates a delivery entry for you. The entry also includes the image of the scanned label.

Setting up NexDelivery

1. Download the app on an iOS or Android mobile device.

2. Open the app and log in using your Nexudus email and password.

  You need to log in using a full unrestricted admin account.

NexDelivery login screen
3. Select your space. If you manage more than one location, make sure you select the right one. 
Space selector screen


4. The app is all set. You can now use it to do the following:

NexDelivery app options

Add Deliveries

  The first time you click Add Delivery you will be asked to grant the app access to your camera.

Once you grant camera access to the app, you can start scanning delivery labels.  

Add delivery screen

If the scan doesn't work with a particular label, click on Manual at the top right corner of the screen and take a photo of the package label.

From there you can assign each scan or photo to a customer and add any delivery note you want.

A sample scanned package label
Tap upload to create a delivery entry that includes the label image as well as any notes you added. You can see your deliveries in Operations > Deliveries.
List of all deliveries
  • If you assigned a coworker to this package, they will receive an email notification that they have received a package. 

  We recommend listing the collection point and location for this package under notes.

Sample email send after a package is scanned
  • Upload and print, does all of the above and prints a NexDelivery label with a barcode.

    • To print a barcode you need a portable printer from Star Micronics that supports bluetooth and is compatible with iOS.

      • The SM-L200 and the SM-L300 both support supports Bluetooth low energy (BLE 4.0) technology for all iOS mobile devices, this allows you to connect to Apple devices without needing to set up pairing.

Sample NexDelivery barcode
  • After selecting Upload & Print, a barcode will be printed. Attach this barcode to the package and upon collection this barcode can be scanned to confirm the pickup.

Collecting Deliveries

  • When a customer arrives to pick up the delivery, select the Collect button, then scan the NexDelivery printed barcode.

  • If scanning does not work, click the barcode button on the bottom right to manually enter the number.

NexDelivery scan barcode screen
  • Click sign 

  The customer must sign to complete the collection process.

Sign screen
  • The customer must then sign on the Signature Screen

NexDelivery customer signature screen
  • Click save, and the signature is added to this delivery on Nexudus.

A package that has been scanned, collected and signed for.


  • Search allows you to view and select uncollected deliveries.

List of uncollected packages
  • After selecting a delivery you can:

    • Reprint the barcode

    • Select Sign which takes you to the Signature Screen.

Signature screen
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