Nex Board is a companion app for bookings.

NexBoard is a companion tablet app for Nexudus administrators that is available on iOS and Android, and works in both portrait and landscape mode. 

  For devices running Android versions below 6.0

Changes to the Play Store device verification mean you might not be able to download the app, due to an error message saying it is not compatible with your device. If this happens, you will have to download the APK for the app directly from services like APKPure or APKCombo.

What is Nexboard?

Nexboard connects to your Nexudus account to show upcoming meetings, display availability, coordinate conference room reservations and let users request a booking directly from the device.

How does NexBoard work?

When you open the app you will be prompted to log in. 

  You cannot use a regular user account to access NexBoard. When you open the app, you will need to log in using a full admin account.

NexBoard login screen 

Then you will see a list of your locations.

Nexboard select a space screen 

You can then select which resource will be displayed on the tablet.

Nexboard select a resource screen 

Now by placing the tablet beside a resource, your customers can quickly place a booking.

Nexboard displays the name of your resource, availability details and icons representing the features you have listed on Nexudus.

NexBoard display screen  

  For iOS tablets, turn off the auto-lock feature in Settings -> Display & Brightness to ensure your tablet stays on when displayed.

Making a booking using NexBoard

Customers have two options to make a booking

  • Tap their phone to make a booking

Directions for customers who want to use their phone to make a booking

If the customer has Passport installed and is logged in, when they tap the tablet they will see this screen.

Passport booking confirmation
  • Customers can also click on request a booking.
Selecting a booking on NexBoard 
  • Customers select their booking details and sign in to confirm.
Confirming a booking on Nexboard
  • Customers will receive a confirmation message for a successful booking. This message will automatically disappear.
NexBoard booking confirmation screen

  Remainder: NexBoard is available on iOS and Android, and works in both portrait and landscape mode.

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