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Nexudus Spaces provides a website for your coworking space, where your customers can read the latest news about your space and where they can log in to the member portal to make bookings and payments.

You can fully configure the website, deciding which sections are displayed and who can access them.

To access the website settings

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Settings.

  3. In the Features section, click Website.

The overview of the website settings

At Nexudus, we give you a number of website options that you configure for your Nexudus coworking space website. Click a tab to learn more about the feature.

General settings

  • Set the default language for your website.

  • Customise the address of the website for your coworking space.

Configure the sections you want to have on the homepage of your website. You can display and edit the following sections on your homepage:







Show a banner with a gallery image slideshow, title and subtitle text.



You can add shortcuts to the following commonly used sections:

  • About us
  • Events
  • Directory
  • Bookings calendar
  • My account or sign-up



You can show tiles for following services:

  • Workspace
  • Bookings
  • Community
  • Childcare
  • Benefits
  • Events


Checked-in users


Show a section informing about who is in right now.



Show a sign-up section for the newsletter.



Configure the footer by adding motivational sentences and handles for the following social networks:

  • Twitter

  • Flicker

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

Enable and configure the following features you want your website to display:

  • My account

  • Help desk

  • Contact form

  • Discussion boards

  • Events

  • Members directory

  • Blog

  • Tour request form

  • About us

Configure user access to the various sections of your website. You can choose between the following access levels:

  • Public

  • Logged-in user

  • Members only

  • Contacts only

Select which personal details are OPTIONAL, REQUIRED or HIDDEN for users who sign up or configure their profiles. Provide the following legal requirements:

  • General terms and conditions

  • Privacy policy

  • Cookies policy

  You can use the Markdown _**_mark-up language to configure the formatting for your legal texts.Configure the language details for your website:

  • Add more languages.

  • Import and export language tokens.

  • Provide UI translations.

   You can edit the raw HTML, CSS and JavaScript template files of every page in your site. Please, use it carefully. We recommend contacting Nexudus Spaces support when you want to customise the default website source files. 

Add business domains to your website. 

Website modules settings

Configure your online sign-up options or let users sign-in by using Google or Facebook.
Discussion Boards
Enable and configure the options of the discussion boards section.
Enable and configure the blog section options.
Configure the opt-in or out of newsletter section sign-up. Learn more about the opt-in or opt-out sign-up in GDPR and Nexudus.
Configure how products purchased are invoiced. by using the website store.
Configure which> member or contact profiles can be viewed by customers using your members directory. You can also create skills and tags your customers can link to their profiles in your coworking space.
My Account
Configure additional permissions for customers using the My Account section 




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