This section lets you manage the different accounts in your chart of accounts.
An account is a group of financial records that lists all of the items that are similar in nature. You can use them to group together the different revenue sources in your space. For example, you could have an account for Part-time Plans, one for Permanent Desks and another for Passes. This has the following advantages:
  • View reports according to the transaction type

  • Export your financial data cleanly to your external accounting software, as the account codes will match

Accounts can be used for any item that you sell via your Nexudus account, such as Plans, Products and Passes.

Adding an account

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click

  2. In the side menu, click Settings.

  3. Click Accounts.

  4. Click Add account.

  5. Enter the account details (account name, location description, code and type).

  6. If you operate more than one space, select the appropriate one in Location.

  7. In the Code field, enter a unique identifier for the account. If you plan to export your financial data cleanly to external accounting software, ensure that you enter the same code here that you use for this account in your accounting software.

  8. Click Save changes.

List of Accounts
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