Contents settings let you control the details included in the invoices you issue and whether invoices for specific types of charges should be split per location or per contract.

Setting up your invoice contents 

  Any changes are proactive, meaning they will only apply to invoices you issue after the change. All invoices issued prior to the change will stay as they were.

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click ​In the side menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Billing and accounting.
  3. Click Contents.
  4. In the Invoice contents section, you can set the level of details included in your invoices.
  5. In the Invoice Split section, you can use the options to have Nexudus Spaces automatically create separate invoices for specific types of charges.
    1. Invoice per location: when this option is enabled and the customer has items sold from several locations, we will generate an invoice for each of those locations. When this option is off, we will merge all charges by contracts into a single invoice. In this case, if the invoice is for a contract, the invoice will issued in the location issuing that contract, otherwise, we will issue the invoice from the home location of the customer.
    2. Invoice per contract: when this option is enabled, we will generate a single invoice for each contract due to be renewed. The regular charges and recurrent products set to follow the main contract cycle will be included in the invoice including the main contract.

      If this option is off, we will generate a single invoice for all contracts due to be renewed, starting with the primary contract. 
  6. Click Save changes.
Invoice split settings
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