Invoice Details

These settings determine the details that appear on every invoice you issue to your customers.

  Settings changes are proactive, meaning they will only apply to invoices you issue after the change. All invoices issued prior to the change will stay as they were.

The layout and appearance of your invoices is controlled by the invoice.htm file. You can view and edit it by going to Settings > Website > Templates. This template includes all of the elements needed for this type of document, including your space and customer invoicing details, the invoice number and date, descriptions of the products/services and payment details.

This section lets you define your own billing details, which will be included in every one of your invoices.

Setting the invoice details

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click​.

  2. In the side menu, click Settings.

  3. In the Invoice details section, set the details.

  4. Click Save changes.

Setting invoice details

  You can ask Monika for help to set your invoice details.

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