Resource access rules

Learn how to apply rules to specific types of customers or bookings.

Creating an access rule provides further flexibility in granting access to a resource. For example, the resource rules might be different for the weekend, for specific members, for a particular price plan, or a set of members.

Resource access rules are similar to resource rules but provide a way to make those rules apply only to specific bookings, made by specific customers or at specific times.

To add resource access rules

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click  

  2. In the side menu, click Inventory, then click Booking Resources.

  3. Click the icon of the resource whose access rules you want to apply or edit.

  4. Under the resource name, click Access Rules, then click Add resource access rule.

  5. On the page that is displayed, enter the relevant information, which is described below.

  6. Click Save.

resource_access_rules.pngAdding an access rule to a resource

resource_new_access_rule.pngAdding a new access rule

Each access the rule has the following options:




A name for the rule. This is not visible to customers.

This rule is active

Whether the rule is currently in use or not.

This rule applies to Whether the rule applies to members, contacts or both.


This section allows you to define when this rule will apply or what type of customers will apply to.



This rule applies only to selected customers.

Use this option if you want this rule to only apply to specific customers.

This rule applies only if a booking is made on selected days/times.

Use this option to define the days of the week and time of the day when this rule will apply.

resource_eligiblity.pngResource eligibility options


This section defines what limits and restrictions to apply to bookings meeting the Eligibility section of the rule.




Reject bookings and show customers the following message

Setting a message in this field will reject all bookings meeting the criteria set in the Eligibility section of the rule.


resource_limits.pngResource limits options

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