Resource details

Learn about the different details of a resource.

To view, add or remove resource details 

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click  

  2. In the side menu, click Inventory, then click Booking Resources.

  3. Click the icon of the resource whose details you want to view. The Details page is displayed by default.

  4. If required, add information or amend the details, which are described below.

  5. Click Save changes.




The name of the resource displayed to members on the website, and on reports and invoices.


The location at which the resource is available in. Resources are only displayed in the location where they are added to. Adding a resource to a network location will not make it display in all locations in that network.

Type of resource

All resources of the same type will have the same set of prices applied to them. You can add a new resource type by typing its name into the box. If the type of resource does not exist yet, click "Add..." to add it. Learn more about resource types.

Website section

You can choose whether a resource is displayed on your members portal or app, add or amend its description and set the order in which it is displayed in the list of resources. You can also assign a group name or label to the resource. This allows all resources with the same group name or label to be listed together on the website booking calendar.

Calendar feeds section

Links are provided to allow bookings for all or selected resources to be displayed in any calendar software, such as Outlook and Google Calendar. You can select links to display, All resources without members, This resource without member details, or This resource with member details.

Display this resource on the website calendar.

Indicates this resource should be listed in your space website for customers to book themselves.

Display this resource on the back-end calendar.

Indicates this resource should be listed in the back-end calendar. If a resource is not displayed in the back-end calendar, you can still make bookings for it as an administrator by going to the Sales > Bookings section of a customer.


A piece of text to be displayed in the "Find a room" section of your website, underneath the picture of the resource.


The name of the group this resource will be listed in. All resources with the same group/label will be displayed together. Your website and members app will let users filter resources by each of these groups.


The position of this resource within the list of resources listed on your website. Resources with a smaller position number will be displayed before those with a larger position number.

resource_details.pngResource details


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