Type of passes

Learn about the two different types of passes in Nexudus.

There are two main types of passes:

  • Calendar day time passes.

  • Minute-based time passes.

Calendar Day Pass

A Calendar Day Pass is valid for a calendar day. By default from midnight to midnight but you can change the daily cut-off hour from your settings using the "Daily cut-off time" field.

Customers with a calendar day pass can check-in and check out as many times as they want during that day.

By default, Nexudus will only count the first check-in and the last check-out made that day and that is what will record but you can change this behavior by enabling "Record multiple check-ins when users check-in and out several times during the same calendar day" in your settings.

Minute-based Pass

Another option is to provide a minute-based pass. Minute-based passes hold a certain number of minutes that customers can use to check-in. This type of pass is valid for several days, as long as the total minutes consumed does not exceed the total on the particular pass.

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