Plan limits

 How to set limits on plans.
To view, add or remove limits
  You can ask Monika how to set plan limits
  1. If the side menu is not visible, click  

  2. In the side menu, click Inventory, then click Plans.

  3. Click the plan whose details you want to view, then click Limits.

  4. If required, add information or amend the plan options, which are described below.

  5. Click Save changes.

Setting plan limits




With this setting, you can limit the number of customers who can sign up to the plan. You can use this to prevent your space, or areas of it, from going over capacity. For example, if you have 10 single-desk offices, you would set the limit for the appropriate plan to 10.

Prevent cancellations during an initial period.

This is what you would call the term of the plan. Contracts based on this plan will have a term set automatically based on this value. Customers won't be able to request a cancellation of their contract for this plan before the term date.

Require members of this plan to give a notice period

After the term, if any, customers in this plan will need to wait this number of days before then can exit any contracts for this plan. For example, if you set this value to 30 days, someone requesting a cancellation on the 10th of July will have a cancellation date for their contract set to the 9th of August.

Automatically cancel this plan after a number of billing cycles.

Automatically sets a cancellation date for new contracts for this plan a number of months or weeks after the start date. For example, if the contract is monthly and you set this value to 3, a contract starting on the 1st of July will have a cancellation date set by default to 1st of October.

Deactivate accounts with due invoices

Enabling this option will automatically suspend customer accounts if they have one or more pending invoices for this plan for longer than the set number days. This does not cancel their contracts, but it will suspend their account which means no additional invoices will be issued or new transactions will be allowed.

Access limits

You can set the number of permitted accesses and hours per renewal, month, or week.

Caution: Use this feature carefully, as they hard limits! Once a member in this plan reaches a limit, they will not be able to check-in, even if they have additional day passes. Consider using the passes instead in the benefits section to limit access to members in this plan.

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