Managing plans

Setting up plans for your location.

About plans

Plans automatically process recurring fees to members. Plans are extremely flexible and can be adapted to reflect the different ways your memberships and leases work. Plans can also include benefits.

For example, you might set up a plan called Permanent Desk at $200 a month that also includes the Large meeting room for 5 hours a month or $20 of credit that can be used by the member to book small meeting rooms. These additional features are controlled by time credit, money credit or passes.

Nexudus will automatically invoice a customer that has a contract for one of your plans based on the billing cycle of the plan the contract is for. You can specify how often a particular plan is renewed by specifying the number of weeks or months in the plan settings. In addition to a plan's price, any charges and additional services that the customer has used or purchased since the last time they were invoiced will be included on the invoice. For example, if the member has attended a charged-for event, the price of that event will be added to the invoice.

Note: Because plans renew automatically, when you want to sell an item or service as a one-off it is better to set it up as a product instead.

Recurrent products

An alternative to setting up a plan is to use a recurrent product, which is an item that Nexudus automatically invoices to the customer at specific intervals. You can use a recurrent product when you want to charge the customer on a recurring basis but where their usage doesn't warrant setting up a full plan.


Please note that customers with recurrent products are classified in Nexudus as Contacts, whereas customers with a contract for any of your plans are classified as Members (see Members and contacts).

This is a subtle difference but you can use it to control access to different sections of your site, meeting room, resources, products, events and even pricing for any of those.

Recurrent products are also useful when you want to sell an item to a customer on a regular basis after their plan has started and for a cost in addition to their plan. Examples of products you might want to invoice on a recurrent basis are parking passes and locker rentals. For information, see Products.

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