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How to use tax rates on Nexudus.
By default, your account has a general tax rate that you can view and edit. However, you may have some products or services that are subject to different tax rates, so tax rates can be defined in the individual products and services, and these settings will over-ride your account's general tax rate. You can also choose whether tax is added to invoices or if the prices on your website are shown with tax. For details, see Tax rate settings. 

  You can ask Monika how to set your default tax rate

Tax rate settings

When you enter the percentage, it will generally be applied to the invoices that are created in your account. You can add as many tax rates as you need and apply them to products, plans, booking rates, or passes. For details, see Using different tax rates.

Tax rate settings 

  You can ask Monika how to set additional tax rates

In Nexudus, you can also set individual tax rates for members and contacts in your coworking space. These tax rates override the global tax rate settings that you have set up in your Nexudus account. For details see Setting a customer specific tax rate.

Setting customer-specific tax rates


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