About contracts

Contracts are agreements between you and a member.

A contract is an agreement between you and a space member and is always associated with a plan. The plan acts as a template, defining the settings for the billing period, the price and other contract properties. A member can have multiple contracts and each of these can have different billing cycles and different start and end dates.‌

Main contract

A member can be signed up to many different contracts, although there will always be one main contract, which is used to invoice products or additional services purchased by the member during each renewal period.‌

For example, a member is signed up to a monthly plan for a permanent desk. This is covered by their main contract. Any products or services that they use during the renewal cycle will be invoiced under the main contract. The same member is also signed up to a plan for virtual office services that are paid annually. In this case, the contract is renewed every 12 months, with a different billing cycle than the main contract.‌

Viewing the list of contracts

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Finance.

  3. Under the Invoicing section, click Contracts.

Viewing the list of contracts

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