Enabling Delivery Notifications for Teams

Learn how to enable delivery notifications for teams. 

Nexudus sends a single delivery notification to the customer who received a package by default, but some customers want their entire team to be notified when they get a package delivered to your space.

Nexudus lets you have delivery notifications sent to the package recipient and every single member of their team. This feature only works if the customer assigned to the delivery has the Notify Entire Team option enabled in their customer account.

If several team members receive deliveries for their team, you need to enable the Notify Entire Team option for each of them individually.

Enabling Team Delivery Notifications

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. Click on Operations > Teams.


  3. Click on the team you want to edit.

  4. Scroll down to the Team Members section and click on a team member.


  5. Click on the Account tab and then on Service.


  6. Scroll down to the Deliveries section and tick the Notify entire team checkbox.


  7. Click Save changes.

Repeat the process for every member who receives packages addressed to them for their team.

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