Receiving a mail delivery

Receiving the mail for your customers.
When you add a delivery, specify whether it has already been collected by a member or contact. If no-one has collected the delivery yet, Spaces will send a notification to the member or contact to let them know the delivery is waiting for them.

You can upload an image of the delivery label or use NexDelivery for iOS to directly scan the label. In either case, Spaces tries to match the label to the appropriate member or contact. When it finds a match, Spaces sends a notification email to the appropriate customer. For example:

Delivery notification email

To add a delivery

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Operations.

  3. In the Front-Desk section, click Deliveries.

  4. Click Add delivery.

  5. From the Customer drop-down list, type and select a customer to assign them a delivery.

  6. In the Reference textbox, type where the delivery was received.

  7. In the Parcel/delivery location textbox, type a place where the delivery can be picked up.

  8. In the Received by textbox, type who received the delivery.

  9. Optional: In the Notes textbox, type any additional information about the parcel or mail.

  10. Optional: Upload a delivery label by clicking Upload image. You can check if the system successfully processed the image and found a match under Processed.

  11. Set Requires signature to YES if you require a signature when picking up the delivery.

  12. Set Signed to YES if a customer already signed the delivery.

  13. Click Save.

Add a delivery on the dashboard
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