Assigning Deliveries to Customers

Learn how to process your customer deliveries in Nexudus.
You can manage packages your customers have delivered to your space in Nexudus. The Deliveries page lets you add deliveries in Nexudus, assign them to customers and process collections with or without customer signatures. 
When you add deliveries in Nexudus, customers automatically receive an email notification letting them know their deliveries have arrived.
Default template of the delivery email notification.
The email notification includes where they should collect their delivery, any notes you add to the delivery record and a picture of the delivery label if you've scanned or uploaded one.
You can edit the email notification at any point via the notifications templates page in Nexudus. For more information on how to edit delivery notifications, check out this article
You have two options to add deliveries in Nexudus:

Adding Deliveries Manually 

You can manually add and assign deliveries from the admin portal. 

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. Click on Add delivery.


  3. Click on Customer dropdown menu and select the customer who received the package.


  4. Edit the delivery Reference if you use your own delivery referencing system.


  5. Add where your customers can collect their delivery in the Parcel/Delivery location field.

    This location will appear in the email notification customers receive.



  6. Add any notes you want to share with your customers.




  7. Click on Upload image if you want to add a photo of the package delivery label. 


  8. Set Requires signature to YES if you want customers to sign when they collect their packages.


  9. Click Save

The deliveries you add should appear in the Not collected tab of the Deliveries page. 



Adding Deliveries Using NexDelivery 

NexDelivery is a mobile app developed by Nexudus that lets you process deliveries in a quick and easy way. As you scan the delivery labels, the app tries to match each delivery to customers in Nexudus.
For more information on NexDelivery and how to set up the app, check out our article.
When you add deliveries in Nexudus, customers automatically receive an email notification letting them know their deliveries have arrived.
  1. Open the NexDelivery app on your device. 
  2. Select your space.
    If you manage more than one location, make sure you select the right one.

  3. Tap Add Delivery.


  4. Point your device's camera at the delivery label of the package. The app will automatically redirect you to the next screen once it has scanned the delivery label.
  5. Edit the customer details if they don't match the delivery label. 
  6. Tap Upload

Your delivery should now appear in the Deliveries page on the admin portal. You can edit the delivery record at any point directly from the admin portal. 


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