Using Pay As You Go

Allowing customers to check-in using pay as you go.

You can provide Pay As You Go (PAYG) passes to charge non-members to access your space. For information, see Pay As You Go passes.

What are PAYG Time Passes?

PAYG Time Passes allow a contact or member to always access the space even if they don't have a valid unused time pass assigned to their account. They would pay based on the total time they access the space or a fixed price depending upon the set-up.

Enabling the PAYG access

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. In the side menu, click Settings then Check-in settings
  3. Select the Pay as you go tab and enable the option “Enable pay as you go access”

Adding a PAYG Time Pass and enabling the PAYG option allows you to control this functionality. You can have different PAYG Time Pass for a Member or Contact if the prices are different or if you want them to have different access lengths (in minutes) One time pass must be selected for the PAYG access to work. The functionality of the PAYG Time Pass works in the same way as any other time pass. If the number of minutes are not included, the PAYG time pass is valid for one day.

If there is a daily price cap for the PAYG session, you can specify in the 'Daily Price cap' section. This is the maximum that can be charged per day for the PAYG Time Pass.


Pay as you go Settings 

  If the prices are different for members and contacts, you should create two time passes and select them in the appropriate section. This will be charged to the member's/contact's account accordingly. 

If there is a booking during the time of the PAYG access and you don't want this time to be counted as part of the PAYG Time Pass, enable the 'Do not include Booking Time' option. This would imply that the members/contacts will pay for any time other than the booking time. 

Members/Contacts will be invoiced for the PAYG session at the end of the day. If you want the members to pay along with the contract invoice and not individually, enable the 'Members Pay Via Contract'  

The time pass gets added to the time pass tab in the member/contact tab automatically. 


Pay as you go Settings

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