About checking in

Allowing customers to check into your location.

You can set up Nexudus to allow customer check-in using the following methods:

If you want to use the check-in system, you must set up at least one pass or access token in your account.

You can view and manage the time your customers spend in your spaces using the Access & Check-in section of the Operations dashboard. You can manually check customers in, but more typically they would check themselves in.

You can use the check-in system to manage customer access to your space and keep track of the time your customers spend there. When a customer arrives at your space, one of your team checks them in, and when they leave, someone checks them out.

You can view who is currently using your space and view detailed reports about how your members are using your space, which are your busiest days and peak times, and so on. You can also use the check-in system to limit the amount of time that members on a specific plan can spend in your space, by setting appropriate time limits in the plan.


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