Making Bookings

How to book a resource on Nexudus or on the member portal.

As an administrator, you can make or edit a booking from the Administrator Panel. Customers also have the option to make and edit bookings from the Members Portal. 

To make a booking as an administrator

As an administrator, there are two ways to make a booking:‌

  • From the bookings calendar

  • From the dashboard

If you would like to make a repeat booking, see to schedule a repeat booking.‌ 

From the bookings calendar

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .

  2. In the side menu, click Operations.

  3. In the Bookings section, click Bookings Calendar.

  4. Click Create booking.

  5. From the Customer drop-down list, type and select the customer for whom you want to make a booking.

  6. In the From date field, select the starting date for the booking.

  7. From the Time drop-down list next to From, select the starting hour for the booking.

  8. In the Until date field, select the closing date.

  9. From the Time drop-down list next to Until, select the closing hour.

  10. From the What resource is this booking for? drop-down list, select a resource.

  11. Optional: If you want to wait for a confirmation of the booking from the customer, select Yes under This booking in not yet confirmed.

  12. Optional: If you want to automatically calculate the price of your resource, select Yes under Use best available price for this resource.

  13. In the Price and Available Credit text boxes, enter your price and credit.

  14. Click Save.

Adding a new booking from the dashboard 

From the dashboard

Alternatively, you can also make a booking directly from the Dashboard. Watch how to do this below. To define the details of the booking, follow the procedures described previously.

Making a booking directly from the dashboard‌ 

To schedule a repeat booking

Note: You can set your booking to repeat only when adding a new booking. You cannot set already scheduled bookings as recurrent bookings.‌
  1. Before you save your new booking, click Repeat Booking.

  2. From the Repeat this booking drop-down list, select how often you want your booking to repeat.

  3. Click Save.

You can assign additional details to a booking when you are first creating it, or you can edit those details at a later time. You can edit the following details of an existing booking:‌

  • Invoicing

  • Notes

  • Products

  • Guests

  • Discount codes

Learn how to modify a booking in Editing a booking.‌ 

How to approve tentative bookings

Under the bookings and reservations settings you can choose to require confirmation for bookings for your customers. You can adjust the bookings/reservations settings so that all bookings made by members, contacts or both must be confirmed by a staff member on the admin panel.

Settings for booking and reservations

When customers place a booking, if confirmation is required, it will appear in the dashboard as tentative.

Sample tentative booking

Click on the tentative booking

Sample tentative booking

You now have the option to uncheck the checkbox this booking is tentative, click save and this booking is now confirmed.

When your customers make a tentative booking they will see this message when they click submit

Booking requested

Customers will not be invoiced or emailed until you confirm the booking, and the resource will not show as booked to customers until it is confirmed by a staff member.

If another customer tries to make a booking at the same time they will see this message.


Error message when trying to place a booking for an already booked slot 

How members and contacts make a booking

Members and contacts can make bookings from My Account or the bookings menu. They can assign additional details to their bookings during the original booking process, or they can edit those details at a later time. They can add the following details:‌

  • Notes

  • Visitors

  • Discount codes 

  Customers can view their bookings, review their calendar and make new bookings. Learn how on the bookings article of the member area section.

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