How does invoicing work in Nexudus?

Invoice creation on Nexudus. 

Automatically creating invoices

Invoices are created automatically when a customer has an active contract. Customers can subscribe to a contract when they complete a registration form on the space website, and Administrator Users can register new members or assign a contract to existing records in the dashboard. The invoice process is different for each of the cases (for details see Managing contracts).

When you add a contract with a start date set to the current date or a date in the past, Nexudus will create an invoice automatically about 15 minutes after you added or changed it. You can also create invoices manually. You also have the option to invoice a customer for specific products and services not yet billed by following these instructions. 

  Important: If the plan for a new contract includes any benefits like printing credit, passes or money credit, this credit is available instantly to the member attached that contract.  

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