Checking in Visitors

Learn how visitors can be checked in in Nexudus. 

You can check visitors in from the Administrator Panel. Visitors can also check themselves in using NexIO if you use the app in your space.

Checking in Visitors from the Administrator Panel

  1. If the side menu is not visible, click .
  2. Click Operations > Visitors.
  3. Click on the check-in icon mceclip0.png next to the visitor you want to check in.


  4. Click Continue

The visitor is now checked in. Their host will be notified of their visitor's arrival. 

Alternatively, you can hover your mouse next to a visitor's name, tick the box and click Check Visitor In.


Checking a visitor in from the Bulk Actions menu

Checking In Visitors with NexIO 

Visitors can check themselves in using NexIO. All they need is the PIN code found in the email notification they received when they were registered.

  1. Tap Visitor on the screen. 


  2. Tap Yes on the screen. 

  3. Enter the PIN code included in the email notification you received when you were registered. 

You are now checked in and your host was notified of your arrival. 


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