Merging Invoices for Teams

Learn how you can merge invoicing for teams in Nexudus.

Nexudus lets you combine the invoices of all members of a team into a single invoice sent to a designated paying customer in the team.

  1. Go to Operations > Teams
  2. Click the team you want to have merged invoicing. 
  3. Click the Team billing tab. 


  4. Select the team member you want to designate as the team paying customer from the dropdown list. 
  5. Set the Merge all invoices for this team option to YES


  6. Click Save changes.

Merged invoicing also allows team members to pool all their credits together or let the team paying customer share the benefits of their plan with the entire team. For more information on credits sharing for teams, click here.

  The team paying customer is the only member who can see the credits available to the entire team.

Invoicing Individual Customers in Teams with Merged Invoicing

Nexudus also gives you the option to have merged invoicing in place while still charging customers individually for product and event tickets.


When you manually add a product to a customer's account, you can enable the option to Invoice this customer instead of the paying customer of this team.


Option to invoice customers individually for their product purchases

Ticking this option will generate an invoice for that customer instead of going to the paying member of their team's merged invoice.

This option is useful if the paying member doesn't want to cover some of their team member's purchases while keeping all the advantages of merged invoicing for plans and other products. 

 This option only applies to products added from the admin portal. Product purchased on your website by members of teams with merged invoicing will still be added to the paying customer's invoice.



Nexudus also lets you charge and invoice individually team members for their event tickets purchases. that customers are automatically charged and invoiced for event tickets purchases. 

  1. Go to Settings > Website Modules > Events.
  2. Set the Invoice event buyer option to YES
  3. Click Saves changes.


Option to invoice individual event buyers in the Website Modules page

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