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Learn how to edit and configure the settings of teams in Nexudus.

Once you've created your teams in Nexudus, you can edit their details and configure their settings at any point. Each team record includes four tabs that let you control the different elements of the team. 


Tabs of a team record in Nexudus

Details Tab 

The Details tab lets you control all the basic information of the team, including:

    • The name, location, and description of the team.
    • The private network of the team, if they have any.
    • The shareable links for customers to join the team.
    • The team members list from which you can add new and existing customers.

Team Billing Tab

The Team billing tab lets you control invoicing and benefits settings, including:

    • Merging all invoices for the team.
    • Sharing credits between members of the team.

Discounts tab

The Discounts tab lets you add, edit, and remove different discounts you can apply to a team including: 

    • Booking discounts
    • Pass discounts
    • Plan discounts
    • General discounts

Public Profile Tab

The Public profile tab lets you control the information about the team that is displayed to other members of your space, including: 

    • Whether or not the public profile is visible on the Members Portal.
    • The team's description, social media links, and photos.
    • Whether or not you want to create a private conversation for the team on the Discussion Board. 


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