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How to manage teams and companies

In Nexudus, you can organize your members or contacts into a team. Teams are a great way to setup companies or to give group discounts. Teams can be given special discounts on plans, bookings or purchases, and can pool money credit, printing credit and access to the space. When you set up a team, additional options are available, including:

  • Sharing credit and access passes between everyone in the team

  • Offering discounts

  • Creating a single invoice for the entire team

  • Setting up a public profile for a team

When you set up a paying member, you can use credit sharing to make the paying member's access passes, booking time credit and booking monetary credit available to the rest of the team. Credit sharing also allows you to combine all the credit of individual members and share it with the entire team. 

  You can override the team settings and give individual team members their own plans or contracts.

Learn more about plans and contracts in Managing plans.

You can offer discounts to the members of a team created in your account. You can decide on the percentage of the discount you want to offer when members and contacts make bookings and purchase passes. You can also offer a discount on any charges made by customers. You can offer discounts for a team even if you do not select a paying member.

You can create a single invoice after you select one of your members to be a paying member. Read more about merged invoicing in Teams and invoicing.

If you create a profile for a team, you can keep it private or publish it on the website. Learn how to set up a team profile in Setting up a team profile on the website.

When a team is ready, you can review and edit its details, manage the team members and cancel the team. You can also create an invoice for a team.

Learn how to set up a team in Adding a team.

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